Gary L. Geiger Photography

Gary L. Geiger has been enthralled with creating memorable images since his very early years. During his work towards a degree in Art, he was introduced to the magic of photography and ever since has passionately pursued the ever changing processes in making images that showcased his style, yet answered a client need. The creative process is a collaboration on his set; combining expertise, function and input from all parties to end up with images that don't simply portray, but speak to the viewer. 

With considerable experience in many phases of photography, Gary now specializes in location photography, meaning he brings the studio to you. He has traveled extensively on a worldwide basis in solving clients' desires for visually stimuating images to portray their product, service or people. Gary is a definite "people person" and finds a way to make the impossible shot a reality.

 His 30 years of chasing this passion has given him immense amounts of experience and joy in seeing his efforts help clients see their projects in a new light. This is the magic that drives him and has created a client base that has held through the years. Let his passion for the perfect image, the one that sets you apart, drive you to new heights and a fresh look. 

Gary is available for any photographic challenge you may have, factory, event, corporation, family, local, travel worldwide; no matter. His images will speak volumes. Contact Gary at


Location photography with specialization on lighting and composition to create the mood to convey what clients feel is important. I have photographed in locations from clean rooms to board rooms; steel mills to food facilities. No location is out of my experience and realm of service. Please send a message to see what great images I can create to enhance your marketing.

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